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Events and Programs

A combined list of all NKnet events and programs posted on our website. See our Facebook page for more.

Chris Green at NKnet speaker series, May 9, 2012

Week 5 Report: Chris Green – Information from North Korea “Can Lead to a Better Life”

Allen Sanchez contributed the following article on week five of our Spring 2012 speakers series on North Korean human rights. Watch video of this talk. “If you were to Google ‘North Korean people,’ you might learn that they are automatons; … Continue reading

Andrei Lankov at week three of NKnet's North Korean Human Rights Speaker Series.

Week 3 Report: Andrei Lankov on Prospects of the Hereditary Succession in North Korea

On April 25, Andrei Lankov, professor at Kookmin University in Seoul, spoke on the prospects of the heredity succession in North Korea. The occasion was week three in NKnet’s recently concluded speakers series. Thank you to volunteer Nova Mercier for … Continue reading

Kang Chol Hwan speaking at NKnet's NKHR Supporters Speaker Series

Week 2 Report: Kang Chol Hwan on the Politics of North Korea

NKnet volunteer Matt McGrath contributed the following article on week two of our speakers series, which runs through May 16. Watch the video of Mr. Kang’s talk. On April 18, NKnet invited former gulag prisoner Mr. Kang Chol Hwan to … Continue reading

NKHR Supporters Speaker Series, Week 1 - former North Korean refugee Kang Won Cheol

Week 1 Report: North Korea VJ and Former Refugee Kang Won Cheol

NKnet volunteer Sharon Natt contributed the following article on week one of our speakers series, which runs through May 16. All of the photos on this page except the first one are courtesy of photojournalist Luc Forsyth. We plan to … Continue reading

NKHRSupporters: lecture series flier

“NKHR Supporters” Kicks Off with North Korean Human Rights Speaker Series

NKnet is excited to invite those living in or near Seoul to join our new program, International Supporters for North Korean Human Rights (NKHR Supporters). We will start our activities with a speaker series on various North Korean human rights … Continue reading

Gershman receives plaque from NED's grant recipients in Korea.

Luncheon Honoring Carl Gershman of the National Endowment for Democracy (NED)

Yesterday Carl Gershman, the head of the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), was the guest of honor at a lunch reception in Seoul hosted by the NED’s 12 South Korean grant recipients including NKnet. The occasion was to celebrate Gershman … Continue reading

Dr. Oh Kil Nam at a recent event.  His sash reads, "Save the Daughter of Tongyeong."

A Mini-Interview with Dr. Oh Kil Nam

The following interview appeared on page 11 in the November 2011 issue of NK Vision. Translation courtesy of NKnet volunteer Natalie Grant. You don’t appear to be in good health. How are you these days? I go back and forth … Continue reading

Korean Human Rights & Development Law Society (LANK), Youth and Students Alliance for Human Rights in North Korea (Young NK), University Students for a Better Society, Youth Forum for a Free North Korea, and other university student groups are actively collecting signatures for the petition to free the "Daughter of Tongyeong" Shin Suk Ja and her two daughters.

The Surprisingly Long History of the Campaign to Rescue the “Daughter of Tongyeong” Shin Suk Ja and Her Daughters

Read in Korean The following article appeared on pages 8-11 in the November 2011 issue of NK Vision. Translation courtesy of NKnet volunteer Ryan Hamilton. The “Daughter of Tongyeong” campaign that started in Tongyeong is spreading to every place throughout … Continue reading

Trekkers just after leaving Daejeon Station

An Afternoon in Daejeon with the “Save the Daughter of Tongyeong” Trekkers

“I was involved in the student movement as a leftist Juche ideology supporter in 1987, the time when Shin Suk Ja and her daughters first went to a political prison camp. I sided with the people who were giving them … Continue reading

Poster for Citizens' Walk - Korean

Citizens’ Rally and Walk to Save the Daughter of Tongyeong on December 10

On Saturday, December 10* in Seoul join South Korean citizens who have been walking 680km to rescue the Daughter of Tongyeong and her two daughters from imprisonment in North Korea for over 20 years. Performances    • Elec-Cookie    • Traditional Martial … Continue reading

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