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*Campus Talk

Campus Talk is a monthly feature of NK Vision magazine focusing on students involved with North Korean human rights.

February 2011 NK Vision: Campus Talk - Jung Soo Hyun

Campus Talk: Perspectives of University Students on North Korean Human Rights

The following discussion appeared in the February 2011 issue of NK Vision magazine. Translation courtesy of NKnet intern Jennifer Machie and editing by volunteer Robert Lauler. Date: January 10, 2011, 4 p.m. Location: NK Vision Conference Room Interviewer: Kang Won … Continue reading

Pak Ji Hye

Campus Talk: University Students’ Bike Tour for North Korean Human Rights & Security

Read in Korean When looking at the Kim Jong Il regime’s provocations, I defined them as a country that does not even recognize its own brothers. However, in this tour defectors also joined in. In talking with them, I realized … Continue reading

NK Vision May 2011 Campus Talk group shot

Campus Talk: North Korean Refugee Freshmen Adjusting to Life on Campus

My heart hurts and I feel suffocated, I mean because they have no idea what kind of pain North Koreans go through just to survive from day to day. If they were to think just a little from North Koreans’ point of view they would lose their indifference toward North Korea. Continue reading

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