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No. 27 – Sep 2011

NK Vision, Number 27

Gwangju Massacre scene (a still from a video at the recently opened National Museum of Korean Contemporary History)

Learning about Gwangju at Freshmen Orientation [Understanding the Pro-North Faction – I Was a Follower of Juche – #1]

Most are surprised when they first learn that South Korea generally has not taken the lead in talking about the human rights abuses in the North. There are many reasons for this, but perhaps the best way to understand it … Continue reading

Pak Ji Hye

Campus Talk: University Students’ Bike Tour for North Korean Human Rights & Security

Read in Korean When looking at the Kim Jong Il regime’s provocations, I defined them as a country that does not even recognize its own brothers. However, in this tour defectors also joined in. In talking with them, I realized … Continue reading

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