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No. 28 – Oct 2011

NK Vision, Number 28

Lee Kwang Baek, president of Radio Free Chosun

Renouncing Capitalism for a Class-Based Worldview [Understanding the Pro-North Faction – I Was a Follower of Juche – #2]

Perhaps the best way to understand why a significant minority of South Koreans historically and even today support or are sympathetic to the North Korean regime is to hear first-hand the stories of former pro-Juche (주사파) college student activists. Below … Continue reading


Lim Il: North Korean Defector Writes of His Home Country and Settling in South Korea

Read in Korean “Of course South Korean people don’t read the reports that catalogue the horrendous human rights abuses in the North. Only through personal anecdotes, making the reader smile and feel touched, can we inform. Anyone can just read … Continue reading

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