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NK Vision Magazine

Below is a complete list of translations of articles from NKnet’s monthly magazine, NK Vision, which focuses on unification, diplomacy, and security on the Korean Peninsula. Every month the print version carries round-table discussions and expert analysis, book reviews, and interviews with scholars, government officials, North Korean refugees, and activists. As resources are limited, we tend to focus our translation efforts on interviews and human interest stories.

Columns and Features:
* Campus Talk
* Understanding the Pro-North Faction – I was a Follower of Juche
* Interviews
* Korean Dream
* Pyongyang 25 Hours (장성무의 평양 25時)
* People Working for Unification (통일을 여는 사람들)

NK Vision’s Korean website is at

Korean Human Rights & Development Law Society (LANK), Youth and Students Alliance for Human Rights in North Korea (Young NK), University Students for a Better Society, Youth Forum for a Free North Korea, and other university student groups are actively collecting signatures for the petition to free the "Daughter of Tongyeong" Shin Suk Ja and her two daughters.

The Surprisingly Long History of the Campaign to Rescue the “Daughter of Tongyeong” Shin Suk Ja and Her Daughters

Read in Korean The following article appeared on pages 8-11 in the November 2011 issue of NK Vision. Translation courtesy of NKnet volunteer Ryan Hamilton. The “Daughter of Tongyeong” campaign that started in Tongyeong is spreading to every place throughout … Continue reading

4) Before going to North Korea, Gyu Won took violin lessons from Ivan Petrov, the conductor of the Kiel Philharmonic Orchestra.

Photos of Shin Suk Ja and Her Daughters, Oh Hye Won and Gyu Won

These photos appeared on pages 6-7 in the November 2011 issue of NK Vision. Photos from Oh Kil Nam

Stephan Haggard

Interview: Stephan Haggard on Marketization in North Korea and a Lot More

Read in Korean “I think these are some of the most interesting findings in the book. …we found that people who are involved in the market have more negative perceptions of the regime. So more negative views. More likely to … Continue reading

Andrei Lankov

Interview: Andrei Lankov on NK’s Extraordinary Diplomacy, Why It Doesn’t Reform, and More

Read in Korean “North Korea will never implement reforms if it means admitting that the South Korean economic model was a success.” The following interview appeared on pages 50-53 in the July 2011 issue of NK Vision. Translation courtesy of … Continue reading

Cover of NK Vision magazine from June 2011

[Pyongyang 25 Hours] The Korean War: The Unended War

Read in Korean The following opinion column is part of the series Pyongyang 25 Hours and appears in the June 2011 issue of NK Vision magazine. Translated by NKnet volunteer Ryan Hamilton. Jang Sung Moo was born in North Korea … Continue reading

NK Vision May 2011 Campus Talk group shot

Campus Talk: North Korean Refugee Freshmen Adjusting to Life on Campus

My heart hurts and I feel suffocated, I mean because they have no idea what kind of pain North Koreans go through just to survive from day to day. If they were to think just a little from North Koreans’ point of view they would lose their indifference toward North Korea. Continue reading

Children Walk by a Banner in North Korea

The Intention of the 3rd Korean Workers’ Party Convention and the Future Political Calendar

The call for the 3rd Korean Workers’ Party’s convention is a decision made by the current leader, Kim Jong Il, based on his intention to hand over the normal Party-Nation system to his successor. It is part of a so-called … Continue reading

NK Vision magazine cover (May-June 2010)

The Cheonan Incident and the Local Elections

The following is a summary of an article by Han Ki Hong, the president of NKnet and the Daily NK, that appeared on pages 4-5 of the May-June 2010 issue of NK Vision. The sinking of the ROK’s Cheonan proved … Continue reading

North Korean citizens before a hammer, sickle, and brush monument.

10 Tasks of North Korean Democratization

On the occasion of our 10th anniversary, the Network for North Korean Democracy and Human Rights (NKnet) offered the following list of topics for the direction of the North Korean human rights and democracy movement. These ten issues must be … Continue reading

NK Vision magazine cover - November-December 2009

Reviewing North Korea’s Domestic Situation from the Aspect of System Maintenance

The following article by Kim Yun Tae, secretary general of NKnet, appeared on pages 18-25 of the November-December 2009 issue of NK Vision. In 2009, North Korea had gone through a year of violence with lots of weighty issues. It … Continue reading

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