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A combined list of the various types of writings that appear on this site.


Statement On the Death of Kim Jong Il

Read in Korean. An unprecedented dictator, Kim Jong Il is dead. Korean Central Television reported today that Kim Jong Il died on the morning of the 17th in his personal train. We now cannot put a man – who killed … Continue reading

4) Before going to North Korea, Gyu Won took violin lessons from Ivan Petrov, the conductor of the Kiel Philharmonic Orchestra.

Photos of Shin Suk Ja and Her Daughters, Oh Hye Won and Gyu Won

These photos appeared on pages 6-7 in the November 2011 issue of NK Vision. Photos from Oh Kil Nam

Logo:  The International Coalition to Stop Crimes Against Humanity in North Korea (ICNK)

ICNK Letter to Kim Jong Il

Last week NKnet joined many other human rights groups to form a coalition to seek the establishment of a UN Commission of Inquiry. Below is the letter the member organizations sent to Kim Jong Il, head of the North Korean … Continue reading

Stephan Haggard

Interview: Stephan Haggard on Marketization in North Korea and a Lot More

Read in Korean “I think these are some of the most interesting findings in the book. …we found that people who are involved in the market have more negative perceptions of the regime. So more negative views. More likely to … Continue reading

Andrei Lankov

Interview: Andrei Lankov on NK’s Extraordinary Diplomacy, Why It Doesn’t Reform, and More

Read in Korean “North Korea will never implement reforms if it means admitting that the South Korean economic model was a success.” The following interview appeared on pages 50-53 in the July 2011 issue of NK Vision. Translation courtesy of … Continue reading

Cover of NK Vision magazine from June 2011

[Pyongyang 25 Hours] The Korean War: The Unended War

Read in Korean The following opinion column is part of the series Pyongyang 25 Hours and appears in the June 2011 issue of NK Vision magazine. Translated by NKnet volunteer Ryan Hamilton. Jang Sung Moo was born in North Korea … Continue reading

NK Vision May 2011 Campus Talk group shot

Campus Talk: North Korean Refugee Freshmen Adjusting to Life on Campus

My heart hurts and I feel suffocated, I mean because they have no idea what kind of pain North Koreans go through just to survive from day to day. If they were to think just a little from North Koreans’ point of view they would lose their indifference toward North Korea. Continue reading

Defector Survey on the Distribution of Overseas Food Aid - cover

Defector Survey on International Food Aid Distribution

In March 2011 NKnet interviewed 500 defectors, over half of whom left North Korea in 2010 or early 2011, about the international food aid to the country over the last several years. Key findings include: The North Korean authorities retrieved … Continue reading

National Assemblymen and NGO leaders prepare to launch balloons to North Korea.

On Sending Unification Balloons to North Korea

Condemning North Korea’s 3rd Generation Succession of Power: Our Position on Sending Unification Balloons to North Korea We are gathered as the tragic news of the announcement of the 3rd generation succession of power in North Korea is nearing reality. … Continue reading


We Strongly Condemn North Korea’s Military Provocation

North Korea rained down several hundred artillery shells on Yeonpyeong-do Island in the West Sea on November 23 around 14:34. At least one South Korean marine died and fourteen more are wounded. Since the artillery hit villages, it is worried … Continue reading

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