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On Balloon Leaflets to North Korea [7th Strategic Forum]

December 9, 2008

Lee Min Bok, head of the North Korean Christian Alliance, spoke at the 7th North Korea strategic forum entitled, “Promoting Freedom of Information in North Korea,” on December 8, 2008. Following is the beginning of his talk. Download the whole text at the link below.

It is an exaggeration to define leaflet operation as political movement. Leaflet operation is a movement of humanitarianism and human rights. Let’s say a person has his eyes, ears, mouth all shut and spirit fettered. It is not a ‘political’ movement to liberate the person. Nature of the leaflet operation can be defined as letting the person to speak and move freely and to recover his/her inherent religiousness. So the North Korean Christian Alliance’s leaflets do not include agitation of regime change but the news of freedom and Good News.

Presentation: On Balloon Leaflets to North Korea (.DOC file)

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