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If you are interested in volunteering in one or more of the ways below, please contact us and briefly introduce yourself.


NKnet publishes a monthly magazine, NK Vision, in Korean. Because of limited staff resources, we struggle to get more than a tiny fraction of this into English every month. We’re looking for native English speakers who know Korean at a high level to volunteer to translate articles, which vary in length from one to many pages. Some articles are discussions or interviews (e.g., the “Campus Talk” feature), and as such are usually easier than formal essays. Ideal candidates are knowledgeable about North Korea and human rights issues, but you may also use this as an opportunity to learn more about these topics.


Sometimes we interview people in English for NK Vision, and one of our staff members translates it into Korean. But it would be nice to create a word-for-word transcript of the original interview for our English site’s readers. This is of course a difficult and time-consuming process and will be very much appreciated!

Teach North Korean Human Rights in Your Classroom

Please see this page.


• Occasionally we need English-speaking volunteers at events.

• Occasionally we have need for someone with video-editing skills.

• Once in a while we need native English speakers to edit documents that have been translated into English by non-native speakers. Good writing skills and attention to detail are a must, and knowledge of North Korean issues is a help, but again, this could be a good opportunity to learn.

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