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currency reform 2009

Week 5 - Chris Green - Youtube icon

Video: Chris Green on Information Freedom Activities in North Korea

Christopher Green is the manager of international affairs at the Daily NK, an online newspaper published in four languages that is dedicated to reporting real news from within North Korea. He spoke on the topic of “Information Freedom Activities in … Continue reading

Week 3 - Andrei Lankov still, 5m31s

Video: Andrei Lankov on Prospects of the Hereditary Succession in North Korea

Always entertaining while providing his insightful analysis, Professor Andrei Lankov spoke on “Prospects of the Hereditary Succession in North Korea” at week three of NKnet’s speaker series in Seoul. The lecture runs about 80 minutes and then he answers several … Continue reading

Han Ki Hong, president of NKnet and publisher of NK Vision

The Democratization of North Korea — An Unavoidable Task of Our Time

Read in Korean The following appeared on pages 8-9 as the Publisher’s Column in the January 2012 issue of NK Vision magazine. In your life, you have to let both those you love and those you hate go. You should … Continue reading

Chart 1:  Price of 1kg of Sariwon Rice from December 2 to June 7

Market Conditions and Social Transformation Since the Currency Reform

The following is the prepared text of a presentation at the 2010 International Conference on Human Rights sponsored by NKnet, the Sejong Institute and NED. The conference was held in Washington, D.C., on October 21. ■ Contents of North Korea’s … Continue reading

NK Vision magazine cover - November-December 2009

Reviewing North Korea’s Domestic Situation from the Aspect of System Maintenance

The following article by Kim Yun Tae, secretary general of NKnet, appeared on pages 18-25 of the November-December 2009 issue of NK Vision. In 2009, North Korea had gone through a year of violence with lots of weighty issues. It … Continue reading

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