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flow / freedom of information

Week 5 - Chris Green - Youtube icon

Video: Chris Green on Information Freedom Activities in North Korea

Christopher Green is the manager of international affairs at the Daily NK, an online newspaper published in four languages that is dedicated to reporting real news from within North Korea. He spoke on the topic of “Information Freedom Activities in … Continue reading

A Quiet Opening Report - Intermedia

InterMedia Report – “A Quiet Opening”

In 2012, InterMedia released a report examining the extent of outside information entering North Korea and its impact on regular North Koreans. North Korea is ranked as one of the most closed societies in the world, but the report found … Continue reading

Week 3 - Andrei Lankov still, 5m31s

Video: Andrei Lankov on Prospects of the Hereditary Succession in North Korea

Always entertaining while providing his insightful analysis, Professor Andrei Lankov spoke on “Prospects of the Hereditary Succession in North Korea” at week three of NKnet’s speaker series in Seoul. The lecture runs about 80 minutes and then he answers several … Continue reading


Video: Kang Chol Hwan on the Politics of North Korea

At age nine, Kang Chol Hwan was sent with most of his family to a political prison camp in North Korea for an unspecified “crime” by his grandfather. He was released after 10 years and later fled the country, eventually … Continue reading

DailyNK Nightout poster

#NIGHTOUT with Daily NK: Support Free Media in North Korea

The following comes from our close friends at the Daily NK, hope to see you there! Dear Friends: Daily NK is hosting a community outreach event, #NIGHTOUT with Daily NK, next Friday, July 5 @ 8pm in Itaewon. The purpose: … Continue reading

Ju Kyung Bae in the studio

“North Korea Guide” Ju Kyung Bae Informs Foreign Visitors to the DMZ of the Realities of North Korea

Read in Korean The following article appeared on pages 46-47 of the December 2012 issue of NK Vision magazine. “Foreign visitors to the DMZ find what’s really going on in North Korea to be unbelievable the first time they hear … Continue reading

February 2011 NK Vision: Campus Talk - Jung Soo Hyun

Campus Talk: Perspectives of University Students on North Korean Human Rights

The following discussion appeared in the February 2011 issue of NK Vision magazine. Translation courtesy of NKnet intern Jennifer Machie and editing by volunteer Robert Lauler. Date: January 10, 2011, 4 p.m. Location: NK Vision Conference Room Interviewer: Kang Won … Continue reading

Chris Green at NKnet speaker series, May 9, 2012

Week 5 Report: Chris Green – Information from North Korea “Can Lead to a Better Life”

Allen Sanchez contributed the following article on week five of our Spring 2012 speakers series on North Korean human rights. Watch video of this talk. “If you were to Google ‘North Korean people,’ you might learn that they are automatons; … Continue reading

Andrei Lankov at week three of NKnet's North Korean Human Rights Speaker Series.

Week 3 Report: Andrei Lankov on Prospects of the Hereditary Succession in North Korea

On April 25, Andrei Lankov, professor at Kookmin University in Seoul, spoke on the prospects of the heredity succession in North Korea. The occasion was week three in NKnet’s recently concluded speakers series. Thank you to volunteer Nova Mercier for … Continue reading

Kang Chol Hwan speaking at NKnet's NKHR Supporters Speaker Series

Week 2 Report: Kang Chol Hwan on the Politics of North Korea

NKnet volunteer Matt McGrath contributed the following article on week two of our speakers series, which runs through May 16. Watch the video of Mr. Kang’s talk. On April 18, NKnet invited former gulag prisoner Mr. Kang Chol Hwan to … Continue reading

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