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Kim Young Il, executive director of PSCORE (NK Vision, January 2013)

PSCORE’s Kim Young Il: One-on-One Classes Improve Refugees’ English Skills and Confidence

Read in Korean Beginning in October 2006, PSCORE (People for Successful Corean Unification, 성공적인 통일을 만들어가는 사람들, 성통만사) has run a customized one-on-one educational support program for North Korean refugees now residing in South Korea. Many of them had their … Continue reading

Strategic Forum 5 Panelists

The Government’s Role in and Strategy for Solving the Issue of North Korean Human Rights [5th Strategic Forum]

Do Hee Yoon (not pictured) of the Citizen’s Coalition for the Human Rights of North Korean Refugees spoke at the 5th North Korea strategic forum entitled, “North Korean Human Rights and the Role of the South Korean Government,” on January … Continue reading

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