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Mount Kumgang Tourist Resort

December 20, 2012 - President-elect Park Geun Hye speaks at Saenuri Party headquarters in Yeoido, Seoul, at the ceremony to disband her Central Election Task Force. (Yonhap photo)

Conditions for Improving Inter-Korean Relations in 2013: North Korea Must Change Stance toward Denuclearization and Cheonan Sinking

Read in Korean With less than a month to go before President-elect Park Geun Hye is sworn in as South Korea’s first female president, there is still considerable speculation surrounding the prospects for the incoming Park administration’s North Korea policy. … Continue reading


Japanese Intern at NK Strategy Center: “Human Rights is a Universal Issue”

The following interview with Suguro Keisuke, a Japanese intern at the North Korea Strategy Center, appeared on pages 54-55 in the July 2012 issue of NK Vision magazine. The original interview was conducted in Korean and translated into English. Read … Continue reading

Stephan Haggard

Interview: Stephan Haggard on Marketization in North Korea and a Lot More

Read in Korean “I think these are some of the most interesting findings in the book. …we found that people who are involved in the market have more negative perceptions of the regime. So more negative views. More likely to … Continue reading


North Korea Must Stop Threatening to Cancel the Mount Kumgang Tourist Project

Yesterday, North Korea made clear through a statement that it will freeze the South Korean assets in Mount Kumgang, exile management staff, and start the business with a new partner. It was the first action taken by the North Korea, … Continue reading

Ha Tae Kyoung, Executive Director of Open Radio for North Korea

Mt. Kumgang Tourism and Nongovernmental Economic Cooperation: An Evaluation and a Scheme for Improvement [3rd Strategic Forum]

Ha Tae Kyoung, executive director of Open Radio for North Korea, presented a paper at the 3rd North Korea strategic forum, entitled ‘A Proper Model for Inter-Korean Economic Cooperation and the Inter-Korean Summit: Analysis of Ten Years of Inter-Korean Economic … Continue reading

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