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Week 3 - Andrei Lankov still, 5m31s

Video: Andrei Lankov on Prospects of the Hereditary Succession in North Korea

Always entertaining while providing his insightful analysis, Professor Andrei Lankov spoke on “Prospects of the Hereditary Succession in North Korea” at week three of NKnet’s speaker series in Seoul. The lecture runs about 80 minutes and then he answers several … Continue reading

Ju Kyung Bae in the studio

“North Korea Guide” Ju Kyung Bae Informs Foreign Visitors to the DMZ of the Realities of North Korea

Read in Korean The following article appeared on pages 46-47 of the December 2012 issue of NK Vision magazine. “Foreign visitors to the DMZ find what’s really going on in North Korea to be unbelievable the first time they hear … Continue reading

Kim Young Il, executive director of PSCORE (NK Vision, January 2013)

PSCORE’s Kim Young Il: One-on-One Classes Improve Refugees’ English Skills and Confidence

Read in Korean Beginning in October 2006, PSCORE (People for Successful Corean Unification, 성공적인 통일을 만들어가는 사람들, 성통만사) has run a customized one-on-one educational support program for North Korean refugees now residing in South Korea. Many of them had their … Continue reading

Choi Young Hee, professional matchmaker, in her office

Choi Young Hee, Professional Matchmaker: Marriage the Shortcut to Successful Settlement in the South

The following article appeared on pages 58-61 in the April 2011 issue of NK Vision. Translation courtesy of NKnet volunteer Nova Mercier. Read in Korean “The shortcut to successful settlement in the South is marriage.” This is the belief of … Continue reading


Lim Il: North Korean Defector Writes of His Home Country and Settling in South Korea

Read in Korean “Of course South Korean people don’t read the reports that catalogue the horrendous human rights abuses in the North. Only through personal anecdotes, making the reader smile and feel touched, can we inform. Anyone can just read … Continue reading

Pak Ji Hye

Campus Talk: University Students’ Bike Tour for North Korean Human Rights & Security

Read in Korean When looking at the Kim Jong Il regime’s provocations, I defined them as a country that does not even recognize its own brothers. However, in this tour defectors also joined in. In talking with them, I realized … Continue reading

NK Vision May 2011 Campus Talk group shot

Campus Talk: North Korean Refugee Freshmen Adjusting to Life on Campus

My heart hurts and I feel suffocated, I mean because they have no idea what kind of pain North Koreans go through just to survive from day to day. If they were to think just a little from North Koreans’ point of view they would lose their indifference toward North Korea. Continue reading

Strategic Forum 5 Panelists

The Government’s Role in and Strategy for Solving the Issue of North Korean Human Rights [5th Strategic Forum]

Do Hee Yoon (not pictured) of the Citizen’s Coalition for the Human Rights of North Korean Refugees spoke at the 5th North Korea strategic forum entitled, “North Korean Human Rights and the Role of the South Korean Government,” on January … Continue reading

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