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NK Should Accept UNHRC’s North Korea Human Rights Resolution

March 26, 2010

On the day of 25th, the ‘North Korea Human Right’s Resolution’, aiming to call on the improvement of human right in North Korea and to extend the mandate of North Korea Special Rapporteur on human rights, was adopted at the UN Human Rights Council’s (UNHRC) 13th regular session.

The resolution was passed with 28 supporters, 5 objectors, and 13 absentees out of 47 member countries.

Starting from last year, the South Korean government again participated as a Joint Proposal Country. South Korean government’s participation as a Joint Proposal Country despite the unfavorable condition of its relation with the North can be highly evaluated as a reconfirm of its firm support toward the North Korea human rights issue.

We would like to give the government and the international society a big hand for its continuous effort for the improvement of human rights in the North.

The fact that two more member countries joined the resolution comparing to the last year, shows that the consensus on the necessity of improving human rights in the North Korea is continuously extending.

The international society is requesting the North authority to abandon its uncooperative attitude and show its will for amelioration of its human right condition.

Nevertheless, if the North Korea maintains its uncooperative attitude, refusing the request of international society and the acceptation of resolution, it will definitely face the isolation from the international society. We strongly call upon the North authorities.

We are asking the North authority to actively accept the ‘North Korea Human Right’s Resolution’ by UNHRC and also to allow the North Korea Special Rapporteur on human rights to visit the North Korea and cooperate fully with his investigation.

In addition, we again earnestly support the international society including the South Korea for adopting the ‘North Korea Human Right’s Resolution’ to ameliorate the human right condition in North Korea.

March 26, 2010
The Network for North Korean Democracy and Human Rights

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