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Statement On the Death of Kim Jong Il

December 19, 2011

Read in Korean.

An unprecedented dictator, Kim Jong Il is dead. Korean Central Television reported today that Kim Jong Il died on the morning of the 17th in his personal train. We now cannot put a man – who killed millions by starvation in the mid-1990s and sent hundreds of thousands of innocent people to political prison camps – on trial at the International Criminal Court, but rather he will be judged in the court of history.

For 37 years since the nomination of Kim Jong Il as successor, and for 17 years since Kim Il Sung’s death, Kim has been notorious for nuclear development and human rights violations. He threatened the peace and stability of international society and forced his own people to live in tremendous pain. Kim Jong Il’s rule was a disaster for the people of North and South Korea, as well as the world.

We believe that the death of Kim Jong Il will provide a new chance for hope for the North Korean people. The end of the Kim Jong Il dictatorship proves that every man’s life eventually comes to an end. However, Kim Jong Il’s death does not mean the end of dictatorship. Given North Korea’s internal structure, in which all power is concentrated in one person, Kim’s sudden death will cause instability on the Korean peninsula.

Therefore, we urge the ROK government to monitor the internal dynamics of North Korea after Kim Jong Il and prepare for every possible scenario. Also, it must closely cooperate with other countries including the United States to prepare for any arising security crises.

We will keep watch of the impending situation in North Korea and the Korean Peninsula after Kim’s death. And of course we will continue to work hard to liberate the North Korean people. We sincerely hope that the day of liberation and freedom in North Korea comes soon.

December 19, 2011
Friends of the North Korean People
Network for North Korean Democracy and Human Rights (NKnet)
English contact: Jin Geol Park, 010-3242-7095, solidarity }at{ nknet }dot{ org
Korean contact: Yun Tae Kim, 010-8648-5282, kyt1435 }at{ hanmail }dot{ net

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