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On Sending Unification Balloons to North Korea

February 16, 2011

Condemning North Korea’s 3rd Generation Succession of Power:
Our Position on Sending Unification Balloons to North Korea

We are gathered as the tragic news of the announcement of the 3rd generation succession of power in North Korea is nearing reality. We are filled with grief and feel strongly that it is something we need to confront. As everyone knows, the North Korean government is the worst of its kind in going against humankind. Last year, the central committee of the Workers’ Party formally began working to establish Kim Jung Un as Kim Jong Il’s successor. This is nothing but a pronouncement to the world that the dictatorship and suppression of the North Korean compatriots will continue. This is a tragedy that directly confronts the universal and reasonable values of humanity. All of us gathered are looking for the hard-to-find analogy in world history by which to evaluate the power succession, or shall we say ‘fatal degeneration’, and the ‘monarchy’, which claims to be a ‘republic’, but which is committed to the regime’s comic ‘succession process’ in order to further isolate them from the international community.

It’s obvious why we oppose North Korea’s power succession and urge the immediate resignation of Kim Jong Il’s regime. Anti-human rights dictatorships want to refuse reform, reject openness, and destroy political opposition. In addition, their violent behavior has not changed since the Korean War. Last year, their involvement in the sinking of the Cheonan ship and the shelling incident in Yeonpyongdo was revealed. This is a real threat that has emerged, affecting our territory and people.

National Assemblymen and NGO leaders prepare to launch balloons to North Korea.

The North Koreans are suffering from extreme human rights abuses, while the silence in the face of these crimes against humanity is no different from such abuses. Over the period that Kim Jong Il has ruled, millions of people have starved to death, hundreds of thousands of young adolescents and young women have been exposed to crime and trafficking by being virtually exiled to China, and 200,000 people are known to be trapped in the prison camps throughout North Korea, which by itself justifies the necessity of an immediate end to Kim Jong Il’s regime.

In the name of lawmakers and civic organizations of the Republic of Korea, we propose to expose the deception of the Kim regime and attach to balloons a message of hope from the free world and send them to the North. Contained in these balloons will be a statement of fact, the strength of truth that will help overthrow the totalitarian regime, and we hope they will be a ray of light to the North Korean people.

History will severely hold accountable those good people who have silently agreed with the evil acts. If only neutrality and silence wrapped in gentleness and cowardice would help the oppressed! Rather, it will only further their pain. There can be no neutrality and silence before the dictatorship and we offer to our fellow citizens to join us.

16 February 2011 – Imjingak Mangbaedan
National Assemblymen and Women and Civic Groups Sending Unification Balloons

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